The Orangutan Movie

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We also made a video about the extinction of orangutan and uploaded it to youtube for the whole world to watch.

Below is the video we created.

Be an Advertiser - It's Simple!

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Just write a post in your blog saying that orangutans are getting extinct and put a link to our blog (

Below are screenshots of our advertiser's blog advertising our blog followed by their blog names.

After posting the advertisement, leave a comment on this post which includes the link to your blog with the post.

Our Group Members

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Name:                   Wan Daud bin Wan Ahmad
Nickname:            mrdadu09
Hobbies:               DotA-ing, O2jaming, Chatting, Designing
Email Address:
Jobs:                     Designer, Promoter

Name:                   Mohd Nizam bin Mohammad Zawawy
Nickname:            Nizam
Hobbies:               Mapling, Chatting, Sleeping
Email Address:
Jobs:                     Writer, Designer, Advertiser

Name:                   Amer Muhammad bin Roslan
Nickname:            Amer
Hobbies:               Sleeping, Wash Dishes, Wash Clothes
Email Address:
Jobs:                     Photographer, Advertiser

Name:                   Nazril bin Abdul Hamid
Nickname:            Nazril
Hobbies:               Watching youtube
Email Address:
Jobs:                     Real life worker

Name:                   Puan Jamiah binti Awang
Nickname:            Teacher Jamiah
Hobbies:               Reading, Watching Movies
Email Address:
Jobs:                     Adviser

The Orangutan Quiz~

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We created a quiz to test your knowledge about orangutans.
Test your knowledge about orangutans here

Catch us in Online Games and Forums~

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We also promoted our blog on online games and forums.
Below are the screenshots we took while advertising.

TBD Security Forum




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     On the 17th of August, we were interviewed by Kawan 9 crews and were asked to tell about our progress. We told them about the donations we collected, the songs we composed and the blog we created. They said that it will be broadcasted 2 days later but we were not. Instead, we were on air a week after that. =(

Below are the pictures during the interview:

Still briefing...

During the interview

Us On MySpace~

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We posted bulletins on MySpace regarding our blog to advertise it.
Below are the screenshots of our posts.

Posted by Nizam

Posted by mrdadu09
Posted by Amer

The Morning Call

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     Every morning, two of our group members, Amer and Nazril will meet the PA system teacher, Cikgu Abu Talib to play the orangutan song we created before and after the doa recital so that the whole school will be able to hear it. We got some positive responses from the students and teachers. We also included our blog at the end of the song for them to discover more about orangutan.

     At first, we thought of doing the same thing to other nearby schools, so we burned a few copies of the CDs but we did not have the chance to distribute it because of time constraints and the forthcoming school semester break.

DJ in The School~

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     Let us start the story from the beginning. On the 3rd of August, we had spoken to Puan Siti Ramlah binti Che Mat, the Senior Assistant of Student Affairs of our school, about our plan and was agreed by her.

     On the 6th of August, we started handing out the forms to all students of our school. We divided ourselves into 2 groups. Nizam and Nazril were assigned to hand out the forms to blocks A, B and C, while Amer and mrdadu09 were assigned to hand out the forms to blocks D, F and G. To minimize distubance to the ongoing classes, we appointed only the class monitors to gather requests and fill up the form. We gave them a dateline to prepare the forms before next Monday. It took us 2 days to distribute the forms to all classes.

     The form consisted of 50 English songs and 50 Malay songs. The songs were selected out of the survey we had conducted on our own class about . We filtered the song such that they contained no violence or explicit lyrics. We charged RM1.00 per request.

     The next Monday, we started collecting the forms we handed last week. At first, we thought that our activity will not get much response, but we were clearly wrong. It turned out to get GREAT response from our fellow schoolmates.

     D-day has arrived on the 13th of August. Early in the morning, at about 8.40am, we started setting up the laptop (thanks to Azmin for lending us his laptop) and PA system (thanks to Cikgu Abu Talib for helping us out). All preparations went as scheduled. The equipments were ready by the time the bell rang for the Form 3's recess. As the crowd headed out towards the canteen, we started playing the requests. We could hear cheers and whistles as some songs were played out the requests. We even have fans gathering around our stations to observe what we were doing. We continued for one hour until the Form 5 recess is over. We quickly packed our stuff and went back to class right after that. All in all, we were happy that our plan went well.

     At the end of the day, we managed to collect a total of RM105. All proceeds will be donated to WWF to help them in their effort to preserve wildlife especially orangutan.

Want some proof? Below are the pictures we captured during our activity.
Cikgu Abu Talib showing us how to set up the amplifier

Azmin, the owner of the laptop arranging the songs

Nizam adjusting the microphone jack

Our orangutan booth.. Simple huh?

Nizam reading dedications

Cikgu Abu Talib checking on our progress

Our Activities

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We organized many activities to create awareness of the extinction of orangutans.
Below are the links to our activities:
The Orangutan Quiz~  
The Orangutan Movie

The Orangutan Song =)

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For your information, the lyrics of this song was composed in Malay version for better understanding of the majority citizens of Malaysia, thus with due respect as the mother language of the country.
We, hereby deliver the song, sung by one of our teachers, Ustaz Firdaus, for your listening pleasure.

Below are the lyrics of our song and the download link.

Duniamu pokok
Di dahan yg tinggi
Bulu perang kemerah-merahan
Kau tinggal sendirian
Merenung bumi dari puncak

Orangutan, orangutan
Hanya ada di tanah kita
Peliharalah alam mereka

Pabila hujan,
Kau payung dirimu di bawah daun
Pabila haus
Kau gulung daun menjadi cawan

Orangutan, orangutan
Hanya ada di tanah kita
Peliharalah alam mereka

Orangutan, orangutan
Setiap malam kau bina sarangmu
Dari ranting dan daun
Tidur mengerekot di puncak tinggi

Pokok dan hutan alammu
Terlalu jarang kau sentuh tanah
Dan kaki sekuat tanganmu
Bergayut memanjat mencari makan

Orangutan, orangutan
Hanya ada di tanah kita
Peliharalah alam mereka

Orangutan, orangutan
Hanya ada di tanah kita
Peliharalah alam mereka

Lagu : Ustaz Firdaus
Lirik : Nature Healer

Download link :

How to Save Orangutans?

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Help Save the Environment

     Take an eco-tour to see orangutans. Some organizations offer you the chance to visit and assist refuges. You can help do research on wild orangutans, assist with daily caretaking at the wildlife refuge or simply observe the animals. Creating an environment that makes orangutan survival profitable will help governments and businesses take action.

     Purchase recycled paper and products made from sustainable timber. Habitat destruction continues to put orangutans in danger. Because eco-labeling can be inconsistent, it's best to not to purchase any type of tropical hardwood to avoid supporting rainforest destruction.

Support Organization and Donate to Orangutan

     Support zoos and other organizations who sponsor breeding and research programs. Visit the zoos, donate money to the programs and support community education initiatives. Captive breeding programs may help sustain the species and research can help experts come up with new conservation strategies.

     Hold a fundraiser with the donations going to orangutans. Donate the money to one of the conservation organizations and use the occasion to educate others about what they can do to help save endangered orangutans.

Adopt an orangutan

     Adopt an orangutan by providing money for his care. The Orangutan Foundation International, for example, offers individuals, families and schools the opportunity to assist in their conservation efforts by "adopting" an orphaned young animal. You'll often receive photos and news about the animal you choose to adopt.

This is a video we found on YouTube about adopting orangutans.
It took place in Nyaru Menteng, Indonesia.

credits : powervid

Boycott palm oil

     Boycott any products that contain palm oil in their ingredients. Palm oil is widely used in processed foods such as cookies, chips, margarine, and candy. It is also found in many household products and cosmetics like detergent, lotion and lipstick Boycotting such products keeps money from the palm oil industry, helping to slow its takeover and destruction of rainforests.

     Write letters to companies that sell products with palm oil and make it clear that you are disappointed in their choice to support a destructive industry. Ask them to consider alternative options to palm oil, and tell them that you won't buy their products until they stop using it.

     Talk to friends and family about boycotting products made with palm oil. Most people haven't heard about the damaging effects of the palm oil industry on the environment and animals like orangutans. Raising awareness is one of the most important ways you can help. The more people boycott palm oil, the more corporations will feel the pressure to stop using it.

Use only sustainable palm oil

     Buy only sustainable palm oil or products using sustainable palm oil. Conversion of habitats to palm oil plantations has happened across the great ape's habitat. Owners of the plantations clear-cut lowland rainforests, leaving no habitat. Many plantations consider orangutans wildlife pests and kill them when given the chance.

About Our Blog...

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Why did we create this blog?
To join the

Who designed this blog?
Wan Daud bin Wan Ahmad A.K.A. MrDadu09. He handles the blog designs as he is the only one good in html coding.

Where did you get the banner from?
Remember in one of our posts we went to the National Zoo? Well, the picture in it is from the one we captured and then was edited by Wan Daud bin Wan Ahmad A.K.A. MrDadu09

Who organised the contents and updated the posts?
We did it together as inspired by Wonderpets, and ideas were translated by Mohd Nizam bin Mohammad Zawawy.

Where do you get the blog contents?
Google is a very helpful search engine =)

Feel free to ask us about anything regarding our blog...
Contact details can be found >>HERE<< 

Questions about our blog design:

Why did we create this blog in English?
Because our intention is not only for the Malaysians to read but also for all the people over the world!

Why did we put a chat box in our blog?
To get to know our readers better while sharing knowledge about orangutans.

Each colour in this blog has its own meaning, but what are their meanings?

Why is the background brown?
It represents the trunk of the tree where orangutan lives.

Why did we make the chatbox and the music player green in colour?
It represents the leaves of the trees where orangutan get their shelters.
 Why did we use dark colours for our banner?
It depicts the sorrowfulness of the orangutans.

Meet Our Friends

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Ken Allen

Orangutans are also known for their clever ability to get into places they’re not supposed to go. One of the San Diego Zoo’s most famous orangutans was Ken Allen, a Bornean orangutan Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus known for his creative escape techniques. He would unscrew bolts with hisfingers, reach around to unlatch things, climb up a steep incline by the back of his enclosure to slip over a wall, and so on.

Every time keepers figured out one of his escape routes, he would discover a new one. He never seemed to mind being led back into his enclosure—he just seemed to enjoy the challenge of finding a new way out! Ken Allen became a San Diego Zoo legend, with his own fan club and T-shirts, bumper stickers, and songs created in his honor. Many people were saddened when this gentle, mischievous ape developed cancer and passed away in December 2000.


His hands was sliced off when plantation workers killed her mother with a machete. They then destroyed the rainforest to plant palm oil.


Lomon, the victim of pet trade, spent years chained up in a wooden box, and when he was rescued, he weighed only 1/3 of what he should have.


Jarot has a cracked skull from when poachers shot his mother dead. He only weighed 2.2kg when he was found. His home was also destroyed for palm oil.

Jarot was shot in the head with an air rifle and suffered numerous injuries to his skull.


Another orangutan named Bolo was injured by poachers as they destroyed miles of rainforest around him, he now has titanium rods in his broken legs.


Leuser, yet another victim was shot with the same gun that killed his mother and many other orangutans, but Leuser survived with 62 pellets in his skull alone. Leuser is now blind.

Our Trip to the National Zoo

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Yesterday,  right after school, we had lunch together then set off to the Malaysia's National Zoo by taxi under the supervision of our teacher, Pn. Jamiah binti Awang. After a long morning school lessons, we were rather exhausted by midday. However, it was a refreshing moment to be out of school on such a memorable occasion. We arrived at 2.45pm. and managed to get the child's rate of RM6 by wearing school uniforms, while my teacher had to pay RM15 for the entrance fee. Soon we were at the Ape Centre. We thought there were many orangutans there but to our disappointment, there were only two. They looked sleepy when we arrived. So we just snapped their pictures from different angles until an Arabian guy came and fed them with some carrots.

Those lazy animals were sure to be hungry because one of them asked for more carrots while holding two of them in its hand! After the feeding process had ended, we saw something funny. One of the orangutans was peeing while lying down on a platform! It was really amusing watching their reactions with innocent face while doing that. Later, they posed and we continued on snapping their pictures. We shot so many pictures that in the end we had to screen down to the best for this write-up.  We take this opportunity to thank the school for lending us the camera. Below are some of the pictures that we snapped and hope you enjoy watching it too.

This was taken when we first arrived

"I want some more carrots please..."

Sharing is caring =)

Happy after eating ^_^

Peeing =)