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     Let us start the story from the beginning. On the 3rd of August, we had spoken to Puan Siti Ramlah binti Che Mat, the Senior Assistant of Student Affairs of our school, about our plan and was agreed by her.

     On the 6th of August, we started handing out the forms to all students of our school. We divided ourselves into 2 groups. Nizam and Nazril were assigned to hand out the forms to blocks A, B and C, while Amer and mrdadu09 were assigned to hand out the forms to blocks D, F and G. To minimize distubance to the ongoing classes, we appointed only the class monitors to gather requests and fill up the form. We gave them a dateline to prepare the forms before next Monday. It took us 2 days to distribute the forms to all classes.

     The form consisted of 50 English songs and 50 Malay songs. The songs were selected out of the survey we had conducted on our own class about . We filtered the song such that they contained no violence or explicit lyrics. We charged RM1.00 per request.

     The next Monday, we started collecting the forms we handed last week. At first, we thought that our activity will not get much response, but we were clearly wrong. It turned out to get GREAT response from our fellow schoolmates.

     D-day has arrived on the 13th of August. Early in the morning, at about 8.40am, we started setting up the laptop (thanks to Azmin for lending us his laptop) and PA system (thanks to Cikgu Abu Talib for helping us out). All preparations went as scheduled. The equipments were ready by the time the bell rang for the Form 3's recess. As the crowd headed out towards the canteen, we started playing the requests. We could hear cheers and whistles as some songs were played out the requests. We even have fans gathering around our stations to observe what we were doing. We continued for one hour until the Form 5 recess is over. We quickly packed our stuff and went back to class right after that. All in all, we were happy that our plan went well.

     At the end of the day, we managed to collect a total of RM105. All proceeds will be donated to WWF to help them in their effort to preserve wildlife especially orangutan.

Want some proof? Below are the pictures we captured during our activity.
Cikgu Abu Talib showing us how to set up the amplifier

Azmin, the owner of the laptop arranging the songs

Nizam adjusting the microphone jack

Our orangutan booth.. Simple huh?

Nizam reading dedications

Cikgu Abu Talib checking on our progress


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