How to Save Orangutans?

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Help Save the Environment

     Take an eco-tour to see orangutans. Some organizations offer you the chance to visit and assist refuges. You can help do research on wild orangutans, assist with daily caretaking at the wildlife refuge or simply observe the animals. Creating an environment that makes orangutan survival profitable will help governments and businesses take action.

     Purchase recycled paper and products made from sustainable timber. Habitat destruction continues to put orangutans in danger. Because eco-labeling can be inconsistent, it's best to not to purchase any type of tropical hardwood to avoid supporting rainforest destruction.

Support Organization and Donate to Orangutan

     Support zoos and other organizations who sponsor breeding and research programs. Visit the zoos, donate money to the programs and support community education initiatives. Captive breeding programs may help sustain the species and research can help experts come up with new conservation strategies.

     Hold a fundraiser with the donations going to orangutans. Donate the money to one of the conservation organizations and use the occasion to educate others about what they can do to help save endangered orangutans.

Adopt an orangutan

     Adopt an orangutan by providing money for his care. The Orangutan Foundation International, for example, offers individuals, families and schools the opportunity to assist in their conservation efforts by "adopting" an orphaned young animal. You'll often receive photos and news about the animal you choose to adopt.

This is a video we found on YouTube about adopting orangutans.
It took place in Nyaru Menteng, Indonesia.

credits : powervid

Boycott palm oil

     Boycott any products that contain palm oil in their ingredients. Palm oil is widely used in processed foods such as cookies, chips, margarine, and candy. It is also found in many household products and cosmetics like detergent, lotion and lipstick Boycotting such products keeps money from the palm oil industry, helping to slow its takeover and destruction of rainforests.

     Write letters to companies that sell products with palm oil and make it clear that you are disappointed in their choice to support a destructive industry. Ask them to consider alternative options to palm oil, and tell them that you won't buy their products until they stop using it.

     Talk to friends and family about boycotting products made with palm oil. Most people haven't heard about the damaging effects of the palm oil industry on the environment and animals like orangutans. Raising awareness is one of the most important ways you can help. The more people boycott palm oil, the more corporations will feel the pressure to stop using it.

Use only sustainable palm oil

     Buy only sustainable palm oil or products using sustainable palm oil. Conversion of habitats to palm oil plantations has happened across the great ape's habitat. Owners of the plantations clear-cut lowland rainforests, leaving no habitat. Many plantations consider orangutans wildlife pests and kill them when given the chance.


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