Our Trip to the National Zoo

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Yesterday,  right after school, we had lunch together then set off to the Malaysia's National Zoo by taxi under the supervision of our teacher, Pn. Jamiah binti Awang. After a long morning school lessons, we were rather exhausted by midday. However, it was a refreshing moment to be out of school on such a memorable occasion. We arrived at 2.45pm. and managed to get the child's rate of RM6 by wearing school uniforms, while my teacher had to pay RM15 for the entrance fee. Soon we were at the Ape Centre. We thought there were many orangutans there but to our disappointment, there were only two. They looked sleepy when we arrived. So we just snapped their pictures from different angles until an Arabian guy came and fed them with some carrots.

Those lazy animals were sure to be hungry because one of them asked for more carrots while holding two of them in its hand! After the feeding process had ended, we saw something funny. One of the orangutans was peeing while lying down on a platform! It was really amusing watching their reactions with innocent face while doing that. Later, they posed and we continued on snapping their pictures. We shot so many pictures that in the end we had to screen down to the best for this write-up.  We take this opportunity to thank the school for lending us the camera. Below are some of the pictures that we snapped and hope you enjoy watching it too.

This was taken when we first arrived

"I want some more carrots please..."

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Happy after eating ^_^

Peeing =)


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